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Mesh Material

The goal at Phoenix Pool Fence is to provide safety for as many families as possible by installing industry-leading products. After many years in the industry and experience with all types of safety systems, we have developed our signature Interlocking mesh. Secured between reinforced marine-grade aluminum posts, our mesh is the strongest and most transparent mesh on the market. ASTM-certified and produced with UV inhibitors, our mesh is guaranteed to hold up against the elements. We provide unparalleled safety for both energetic children and rambunctious dogs valley wide!

What makes our mesh special?

  • Inter-locking fibers provide strength and durability.
  • With the added fibers our mesh is able to have a more open pattern. This results in stability and unmatched transparency.
  • Produced with UV inhibitors, our mesh is made to withstand the Arizona sun.
  • Spacing of the fibers decreases surface area allowing the mesh to stay clean longer.

Other mesh on the market:

  • Single mesh fibers that don’t interlock.
  • Tight pattern that lacks transparency.
  • Stamped or sprayed on UV inhibitors that deteriorate.
  • Prone to collect dust and fade.
  • Cheaper to produce and often used to cut corners on safety.

Overall, our interlocking mesh fence is a sturdy and reliable fencing solution that combines security, visibility, and ease of installation. Its versatility and durability make it a popular choice for a wide range of applications, offering both protection and peace of mind valley wide.

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