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Arcadia Pool Fence Installation

Embarking on the mission to safeguard Arcadia pools, Phoenix Pool Fencing extends its expertise in meticulous Arcadia pool fence installation services. Our journey commences with a personalized assessment at your residence, where we evaluate your backyard layout and discuss customized options, from concrete decking to turf. On installation day, precise measurements ensure a seamless integration of custom-cut sections. Specialized techniques secure fence post placement, even in challenging terrain like dirt or gravel, while plastic deck sleeves enhance stability. We prioritize security with stainless steel locking eye latches and Magna Latch systems. Following installation, a thorough walkthrough and cleanup ensure your satisfaction. Our commitment transcends installation, offering maintenance guidance for ongoing safety. At Phoenix Pool Fencing, our unwavering dedication to excellence safeguards your Arcadia pool with integrity and expertise.

Furthermore, our commitment to excellence extends beyond installation, prioritizing ongoing support and maintenance. We provide comprehensive guidance on pool fence disassembly, storage, and routine upkeep for longevity and optimal safety. At Phoenix Pool Fencing, we steadfastly deliver unparalleled service, ensuring integrity and expertise in safeguarding your Arcadia pool.

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Arcadia Pool Fence Installation Steps

Step 1: In-Home Estimate

Step 2: Installation Day & Final Measurements

Step 3: Installation Into Dirt or Gravel

Step 4: Pool Fence Installation Core Drilling

Step 5: Deck Sleeves & Laying the Fence

Step 6: Latching the Fence & Gate

Step 7: Clean Up & Walkthrough

For Over a Decade, We Have Provided Customers in Arcadia, AZ, the Best Arcadia Pool Fence Installation for Pool Safety

Reasons to Choose Us for Your Arcadia Pool Fence Installation


Phoenix Pool Fencing has over a decade of experience in providing customers in Arizona pool safety solutions. With our dedication to maintaining exceptional safety standards, we have the tools and knowledge to deliver an excellent Arcadia Pool Fence Installation. Choosing Phoenix Pool Fencing will give you peace of mind without any compromise on quality for protecting your loved ones.

Pool Upgrade Solutions

At Phoenix Pool Fencing, we understand that your pool fence should not only provide safety but also enhance the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. With a focus on both functionality and design, we offer a diverse selection of stylish options. Serving customers in Arcadia, AZ, our range of designs and finishes ensures that you can seamlessly integrate your pool fence into your backyard oasis without compromising on style.

Safety Above All

Phoenix Pool Fencing is your premier choice for Arcadia pool safety solutions, setting the standard with our unwavering commitment to top-tier safety measures. Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and rigorously tested materials, we guarantee that every pool enclosure we install serves as a secure barrier, surpassing industry safety standards. With Phoenix Pool Fencing, prioritize the safety of your family while enjoying peace of mind, knowing that quality is never compromised.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mesh pool fence is a safety barrier that is installed around a swimming pool or spa area to prevent children and pets from accessing the pool without adult supervision. Our fencing surpasses all of ASTM’s standards and is made of durable mesh material that is see-through and allows for unobstructed views of the pool area.

A mesh pool fence provides several benefits for Arcadia customers, including improved safety for children and pets around the pool area, peace of mind for parents and caregivers, and increased privacy and security for the pool area. The mesh material is also low maintenance, durable, and resistant to
weather and UV rays.

Our fencing comes with a lifetime warranty and our posts are marine grade aluminum that will never rust. We have seen fences last over 15 years without any major issues.

We understand that every job is different and always customize each layout to fit your needs. The average install ranges from $1,500 – $2,500.

Yes! Our fences are easily removable by adults in minutes. We even provide matching deck caps for the holes when the fence is not is use.

We service the entire valley! Our talented team is happy to go anywhere in the greater Phoenix area. We are also willing to travel to any part of Arizona if safety is needed.

We now offer financing powered by hearth! Aside from financing, we accept credit cards, checks, cash, and Zelle. We don’t take any payment until you are satisfied with the install!

Types of Arcadia Pool Fence Installation We Provide

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