Mesh Pool Safety Gates

The gate component of a mesh fence plays a pivotal role in the overall effectiveness and functionality of the safety system. It serves as the primary access point to the pool area, and its importance lies in its ability to regulate and control entry. A properly designed and installed gate ensures that only authorized individuals can enter and exit the pool area, preventing unsupervised access and minimizing the risk of accidents. The gate should be equipped with a self-closing mechanism and a reliable locking system, further enhancing its safety features. By diligently maintaining and using the gate as intended, pool owners can establish a secure and controlled environment, ensuring that children and pets are kept away from the potential dangers of the pool when supervision is not immediately available. Ultimately, the gate component of a mesh fence contributes significantly to the overall safety and tranquility associated with owning a pool.

At phoenix pool fence we carry two types of safety gates. The first gate is called a “framed” gate, which uses a frame around the entire unit the ensure easy removal and accessibility. The second gate we offer is called a “bar-less” gate, this type of gate uses two posts on either side in addition to the attachment points on the mesh fencing to keep itself in place. Both gates are very safe and ultimately come down to the homeowner’s needs and preferences.

Framed gates are what most homeowners opt to use for their mesh fencing. The frame feature around the gate makes it easier for people to remove one whole unit as opposed to two individual pieces. In addition, because it is one unit these types of gates need to be adjusted less often than other types of models. The one issue that one might have with a framed gate is due to it having a step over about 2 inches above the ground. Besides that, we see this gate as the more popular option.

Barless gates are also a great option for our homeowners as well. The term “barless” stems from the fact that they come without a frame around the entire unit. Essentially it’s two pieces, the swinging part and the latch that are connected to different bars, hence being barless because there is no frame around the gate. This does not compromise safety, but it does make it slightly more of an inconvenience for the owner due to it having to be removed in individual pieces. The plus side of these gates is they do not have a step which does make it a nicer option for people who don’t want to have to deal with having to watch their step when entering the pool area. Both gates we offer are safe and will effectively keep children out of the desired pool area regardless of which homeowner decides to use.

Some of Our Installed Mesh Pool Safety Gates