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Arizona Pool Fence Installation Process

Founded in Arizona, Phoenix Pool Fence prides itself on the installation of industry-leading Removable Mesh Pool Fencing. With years of experience, we have put together a list of steps dedicated to educating our clients on the Arizona pool fence installation process of our products.

Step 1: In-Home Estimate

At Phoenix Pool Fence we are proud to offer Free in-home estimates. Our highly trained service members will visit you on-site and customize layout options to fit your specific backyard. Upon the initial estimate date, we will take detailed measurements of the fence layout. Our team will plan the installation based on the material we are installing. With mesh fencing being so versatile we can install concrete decking, pavers, dirt, turf, and even wood decks. After measurements are complete we will go over our collection of samples and answer any questions about the installation process.

Step 2: Installation Day & Final Measurements

Upon installation day our team members will briefly go over the layout one more time to ensure satisfaction. We will Begin by determining the starting point of your pool fence layout. For best practices it is recommended to start at the gate entry point and measure outward. maintaining a minimum distance of 36 inches from the pool edge is ideal. Measurements will continue until the entire fence layout is marked. Team members will note certain custom cut sections and mark any 90-degree turns.

Step 3: Installation Into Dirt or Gravel

If you happen to need your pool fence installed into all or partial dirt we are well equipped to do so. Installation into dirt or gravel will require a few more key steps and equipment. FIrst we will lay out a string line to keep the fence nice and straight. utilization of 24 inch aluminum sleeves hammered into the ground will be the starting point. Our team will then shovel out dirt and pour quick set concrete around the posts. All that is left is to let the concrete cure and level the anchoring sleeves. Gravel will then be placed over concrete for cosmetic purposes. The result is a sturdy foundation built to keep your family safe.

Step 4: Pool Fence Installation Core Drilling

The vast majority of Mesh Pool Fence installs in Arizona require concrete core drilling. This process uses a fast-spinning core drill that is water-cooled and contains diamonds in the drill bit. This allows for the creation of a perfect one-inch diameter hole in concrete or pavers. These holes are later used to house your fence posts. Before initiating the drilling process, it is imperative to comprehend the appropriate angles and alignment levels for creating such holes. Our team members have years of experience in core drilling and understand the fundamental steps to make your fence safe and aesthetically pleasing.

Step 5: Deck Sleeves & Laying the Fence

Once all the holes have been drilled and cleared out we will next insert all the plastic deck sleeves. These sleeves will house the fence posts with added support and are non-conductive for electrical code. How we do this by simply placing them into the hole and using a mallet or sand hammer tapping them until they are flush with the ground. The fence will then be placed into the holes with custom pieces going into their designated places.

Step 6: Latching the Fence & Gate

Once the fence and gate have been placed into the holes we will begin adding our locking eye latches. These stainless steel latches secure the fence together with tension every fifteen feet. These latches are a pivotal part of the fence as it locks it into place. Once the fence has all been tensioned together including the gate we will add the lock and key by Magna Latch. Our team will adjust the self-closing hinge and make sure it shuts swiftly.

Step 7: Clean Up & Walkthrough

Once all the steps of installation are complete it is time to wash off the deck. Because we use a wet-style drill it is important to wash all concrete residue off the deck as it can dry into unsightly dust. Upon final clean up a team member will notify the homeowner that the installation is complete. We pride ourselves on a full walkthrough and demonstration of the fence. During this time we will cover: how to take the fence down, normal maintenance and storage, and of course answer any questions. Our goal is 100% satisfaction upon each installation and will make sure every customer is happy before receiving any payment.

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